Choir Council 2020-2021

Choir President: Rylee Barben

Leader of the Choir and Choir Council and is responsible for all aspects of the Choir


Vice President––CC & CS: Ezra Dick

Vice President –TS: Jessica Schick

Works side by side with the President and is the Acting President in the absence of the President

Student Conductor––CC, CS, TS: Ellie Coder

Supports and directs the choir when needed and is the Acting Conductor in the absence of Mr. Woolf 


Activities Director––CC & CS: Boston Summers

 Activities Director–TS: Morgan Potter

Responsibilities: Plan, organize, promote, set- up/clean-up of all choir activities, concerts, trips and socials.  Also responsible for creating concert and activity promotional fliers to be posted in the school and on DHHS Choirs Social Media Accounts


Activities Committee Members: Allison Cutler, Skye Thomas, Stockton Summers,

Emi Bethers, Tiffani Cannon, Ava Graff

Assists the Activities director in all responsibilities


Librarian–CC & CS: Mallory Twitchell, Mia Hirschi,

 Librarian –TS: Brooklyn Cutler

Responsibilities: Inventory and file new music; Choir music disbursement; Choir folder disbursement, maintenance and collection; Choir robe disbursement, maintenance, collection. Computer records for all these duties are the librarian’s charge


Historian–CC & CS: Samantha Keyes

 Historian–TS: Tiffani Cannon, Ava Graff

Responsibilities: Inform choirs of all future performances and activity dates; keeping the classroom calendar updated and accurate.  Responsible for a chronological accounting of all activities of the choir, including pictures and programs from concerts, activities, and festivals. Responsible for providing pictures and the description of pictures to be posted on the DHHS Choirs Social Media Accounts

Council Members: Charli Hinton, Brynn Southwick, Boston Summers, William Meyer, Kaytlin Rhodes, Tiffani Cannon, Jessica Schick, Sydney Spencer

Responsible for actively participating in the success of the Choir and Choir Council


Section Leaders–CC & CS: Charli Hinton (Sop.), Brynn Southwick (Alto),

Boston Summers (Tenor), William Meyer (Bass)

Section Leaders–TS: Kaytlin Rhodes (Sop 1), Tiffani Cannon (Sop 2),

Jessica Schick (Alto 1), Sydney Spencer (Alto 2)

Appointed by Mr. Woolf: Responsible for sections in respective choir and is on the choir council 

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